How Does Information Technology Benefit QS System?

As a quantity surveyor, you are an enabling partner to the business of your customers in the building and construction industry. Your customers look up to you in trust for estimates that will enable them to commence and finish their projects in the most economical manner so that they can maximize their profits while eliminating all wastage.

In this era of information technology, it is in your best interest and that of your clients to fully embrace an integrated estimates system if you want to remain competitive. The reason is experience and qualifications alone are not enough if you lack the most effective tools to deliver results. With all this in mind, this article endeavors to show you three main ways in which an integrated quantity survey system will enhance your competitiveness and relevance in the market.


The first way an integrated estimates system enhances your competitiveness is that it will make your estimating processes more cohesive through standardization.  When your estimates are standardized, you set out clarity in the system so that the way you communicate with your team is free from misunderstanding. The reason here is that you will have a defined and integrated way of doing things. Additionally, the availability of standards creates room for clear expectations. Such an operational environment ensures that you and your team are reading from the same script with shared templates and structures.

Ease of presenting information

Presentation is an integral part of your business because it provides you with a formal platform for external communication. The quality and precision of your presentation is one of the best ways of enhancing understanding between you and your clients. It provides your customers and other relevant stakeholders with clear reports. By integrating this level of professionalism and efficiency into the way you present info, you create a basis for trust and confidence on the side of your customers as they prepare themselves for implementation.

Accurate estimates

The last benefit an integrated estimates system will bring to your business is the enhancement of accuracy. This dimension is one of the most critical factors at the heart of your customers' construction business. The reason is that the building and construction industry is driven by accuracy because even if you present your information in the most professional way, and yet it is inaccurate, it will be useless. Your clients need to base their implementation on accurate estimates to eliminate losses.

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